This short log is about my experience with various Media Player software with the best out of the box sound experience and equalizer that works on a Linux based operating system.

I recently bought a new headphone, with a little broader driver for some extra punch - 50 millimeters. So I went to search for the equalizer in Rhythmbox - the default media player in most Linux based distribution. I was surprised to notice that there was no eq in it! :(

Then I set about looking for the best audio experience with my headphone. I tried virtually all possible applications like VLC, Clementine, Audacious, Banshee, Sayonara, Nightingale, etc.

I also tried the PulseAudio Equalizer, but I was disappointed in it since it was creating too much distortion even with very little amplification on most base bands. In fact, most of the EQs suffered from this problem.

Finally to close my note, what make Exaile the best in my opinion is that I felt the beats really come to life. No other eq's were able to provide that soothing yet powerful base with the least distortion.

So, Thumbs up for Exaile!