Note taking in Linux

There are hell a lot of Productivity applications for linux. So finding something sane enough for your own interest can be daunting task. Try searching for a note taking applications for linux on the web, and you will see lots of them, with varying degree of complexity and again you will drown in the information.

Simple note taking

I dont want any web sync or stuff. My requirement is simple: an application which lets me have any levels of hierarchy. An application which has such a feature is available for Windows as Notebark. I didnt even bother to test it out in wine, since I have a serious aversion to Windows only software.

CherryTree for rescue!

ChereryTree is:

A hierarchical note taking application, featuring rich text and syntax highlighting, storing data in a single xml or sqlite file

After trying out a lot of alternatives, including but not limited to Gnote, NixNote2, etc., I finally feel I can stop my search for the best note taking application for me! Now I can easily store and retrieve bits and pieces I stumble upon from the Internet using CherryTree!


I am on Fedora and the installation could not get any easier.

sudo dnf install cherrytree

I guess ubuntu will also have it in its repo. If not, you can always head to their Downloads

Features at a Glance!

Keeping aside the most important feature I wanted, the hierarchical note taking, CherryTree includes importing from a lot of formats like TomBoy, KeepNote, KeyNote, KnowIt, Treepad, etc.

It also has got support for Rich text along with plain text for the note contents. You can have tables, headings, super/sub scripts, spell check, etc.

Another nifty feature would be the ability to quickly create a note under the hierarchy of todays date. So, I get a top category representing the year, another sub category for the month and finally an entry for the date.


The most important thing missing would be the cloud sync. This doesn't matter for me since I always live on the desktop.

Other disadvantage from the first look would be the absence of tags. However, CherryTree has a very good search facility which even support regex. So that should take care of it.

Let me know if you come across any better ones, in the comments!
Happy Note Taking!